februari 1, 2023

Trump and the Peace prize

Alfred Nobel

I was surprised when a liberal intellectual in the US talked about the possibility that Trump would get the Nobel Peace prize. First I laughed away his worries since I thought it was crazy propaganda from Fox but magazines actually writes about Trump as a potential candidate.

Who are the candidates? The betting companies gives Trump a 6.7 % probability of winning. For the last weeks Internet have been flooded with article about the subject and it could be a game changer for the US election in November.

Trump desire the Nobel prize ever since Obama got it and other presidents that won the prize are Theodore Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter.

Trump organization and lobby groups are campaigning for it and what happens when the most powerful narcissist in the World politize and wants a price he does not deserve. It is theoretical possible or is this just crazy narcissism as most of his president period?

What does a nomination mean?

It is quite simple to get a nomination since qualified nominators are anyone in a government, leader of a state or professor in an University. This means that theoretically Putin can nominate Kim Jong-Un or the opposite. From a historic perspective Hitler could have nominated Stalin, so to get a nomination does not mean a lot.

In Norway a right-wing populist Christian Tybring-Gjedde wrote a nomination based on Trumps meeting with dictator Kim Jong-Un and the peace agreement between Israel, the Emirates and Bahrain. His nomination was realeased first by Fox News and Aftonposten

The agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates was signed on September 15 in Washington. It is called The Abraham Accord after Abraham the common ancestor of the three world religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

The biggest paper in Norway VG writes about his nomination as a ground hound day: Peace agreements are great, but the agreements Israel makes with Bahrain and the Emirates do not stop any armed conflict. No war has been waged between Israel and the two Gulf states. These are peace agreements that establish embassies, not peace agreements that stop war.

In Sweden Magnus Jacobsson a quite unknown Christ Democrat in Swedish Parlament nominated Trump. Magnus Jacobsson writes in his nomination he wants to give it to the governments in the US, Kosovo and Serbia.

The achievement in Serbia and Kosovo

So the leaders from this 2 countries signes a deal mainly about economic issues with the US. The Trump narrative is that this is a mayor breachtrough and there’s been a tremendous death over a long period.
Serbia and Kosovo was in conflict between 1998-1999 but for the last ten years os so it is not a war where people are getting killed. He portray secular Kosovo as an Islamic and Arab country that had agreed to recognize Israel. But the new thing is that Israel finally recognizes Kosovo, not the other way around!

The situation is quite absurd with the two Balkan leaders sitting like two naughty kids in the principal’s office while Trump talk. An awkward moment is minute 2.00 when Trump proclaim that Serbia and Kosovo will move their Embassies to Jerusalm came as a big surprise during this press conference. Palestinians and many muslim countries are negative about it and it will also undermine their EU membership.

Is this really worth a peace prize? When propaganda machines like Fox News takes it to the next step it is…

Murdoch and his propaganda machinery

So you can find different stories in the propaganda machine owned by media mogel Rubert Murdoch – the guy who owns papers and TV-channels worldwide like the SUN, FoxNews, The Telegraph, Wall Street Journal and TV-production companies in Sweden. This is the guy that supported Tony Blair, Trump and Brexit so what he support gets positive publicity.

They have some different angels in the narrative but most Murdoch magazines have the same message – that Donald Trump is a peace maker and deserves the peace prize. According this narrative Trump has not started any wars and tried to reduce america’s military presence abroad. He has done so not for the sake of peace, but because he believes it is in the interests of the United States.

They also push the economic deal with Kosovo and Serbia as some sort of peace deal. Annother achievement according to Fox is Israel and UEA deal. Trumpist closest allies Netanya in Israel and MBS Saudi Arabia have both agreed to sign a peace agreement even though they are not having a war but just spending a lot of money in arms from the US.

The campaign about the peace prize also got viral into serious magazines like Göteborgsposten and Atlantic.


Also FoxNews push articles about Trump and Peace prize.

In Google Trends it is possible to see an extremely strong peak for ”Trump Nobel Peace Prize 2020” so this is a organized campaign.

How these messages appear on Facebook we do not know at moment but this is a perfect message to push with Facebook Ads if you have a big budget or work for any obscure Troll-firm outside the US like in the last presidential election.

Is this nomination according to the testament of Alfred Nobel?

Nobels testament clarify the peace prize and the criterias for winning it: ”…to those who have served the most or best for the brotherhood of the peoples, and the reduction of standing army, and formation of peace congresses.

Brotherhood of people – there are many cases where Trump is the antithesis of brotherhood since he from the start isolated the United States and pulled the United States out of international cooperation. Examples includes how he deal with BLM-movement, withdrawal from the Iran nuclear weapons agreement and international climate change agreements like Paris Treaty. His undemocratic and egoistic view about international peace organisations like UN, UNESCO, EU, WHO is embarrassing for all people that stands up for democratic values.

Reduction of standing army: Trump have a total spending of $686.1 billion department in his defense budget where some are allocated as war budgets.

So in theory if the Committee award Trump it could be argued they do not comply with Alfred Nobel’s will and simply committing a criminal act which open up for an interesting legal case.

Who is sitting in the Nobel Prize commitee?

There are only 5 people sitting in the Nobel Peace Commitee and If Trump would win it would spark a debate about corruption among its members. The prize cermony is 10th of December after the US election.

  • Berit Reiss-Andersen, president and lawyer with background at Norweigian labour party
  • Henrik Syse, vice president and philosopher
  • Thorbjørn Jagland, member
  • Anne Enger, member
  • Asle Toje, member

Two of the members are from arbetarpartiet and politically quite close to the leftist AOC/Sanders.

Norway have a long history of strange political decisions when pushed by the USA and the white evangelical church have strong support in Norway and among Trump supporters. Who knows maybe he will win the prize. But does he deserve it?