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What is Urban Exploration?

When I was a pubescent teenager in Kalmar, we were often crawling in fairly unknown places in Kalmar such as the city wall, in the basement of Kläckeberga church, and under the old navigation school (ie the older city wall).

abandoned and unused places in urban environments. It can include factories, hospitals, schools, subway stations, and other places that have been abandoned or are no longer used in their original function. The purpose of urban exploration is to discover and explore the historical and aesthetic value of places.

Urbex enthusiasts strive to gain a unique insight into places normally inaccessible or unknown to the general public. By entering these abandoned buildings and environments, they can experience the atmosphere and get a sense of mystery and adventure. Many urbex explorers document their experiences by taking photographs or videos to share the beauty and decay of the places.

From a political perspective, I can think it's a shame that places of interest are not open to the public. About a month ago, I was walking in the corridors under Fredsgatan and Drottninggatan and realized what gigantic underground systems exist under Stockholm. There were three parking spaces reserved for government vehicles in the tunnels. Obviously, this is a way for politicians to get ahead of Stockholm without having to rub shoulders with the mob (ie their voters).

In some ways, I can think it's a shame that it's illegal to be curious but for many it sure makes it even more exciting. There is an interesting thesis on the UE phenomenon.

According to the subculture's code of honor, the entrances should not be mentioned because of the risk of destruction and the risk of the authorities plugging up the places. But on Youtube several places are outed.

Urban Exploration in Stockholm

Some of the places mentioned in Stockholm are:

  • The Sös tunnel
  • Akay Temple -supposed to be barred - picture of the entrance
  • Tariq Cave
  • Mad mathematician's gallery (Vikingtunneln på Söder by Viking Line)
  • The stairs
  • Beckomberga
  • Söderby mental hospital
  • Kymlinge
  • Kymlinge ghost station
  • The sewer tunnel
  • Tunnel that goes under the cathedral where there is said to be a mass grave

The sewer tunnel

Tips on Urban Exploration

Good site with pictures of abandoned places: http://www.organizm.se/

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