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President of the galaxy

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Why is the blog called PresidentofGalaxy?

Ok - it might sound cocky to have the name presidentofgalaxy as a domain name. But the name is inspired from Douglas Adams' beautiful book The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. In the book, President of the Galaxy is described as a position that does not include any power whatsoever. Historically, there are not many sources that describe the office at all. One person who held the office previously was Zaphod Beeblebrox from the planet Betelguese. Zaphod was an adventurer and completely useless. He had two heads and three arms and is best known for inventing the world famous drink Pan Galactic Gurgle Burner. My name is Daniel Larsson who writes on this blog and I do so as a private person.

I am a father and have two children. I have a degree in economics, studied in the USA, have a black belt in judo, and am interested in history and work everyday with digital marketing and SEO at the company Expand talk. My wife is from Brazil and I am there quite often and have a permanent residence permit in that country.

And how big is a galaxy?

Check out this amazing video about the universe that zooms us out into the universe. Much in life is about perspective. Most everyday worries and in-country problems feel silly after watching the film. We are small specks in the world and the world is a small speck in the universe...