Learning Portuguese through a TV novel

Finally, Swedish television has understood that it is possible to buy in productions from areas other than the Anglo-Saxon ones. Now channel 7 is running the Brazilian telenovela The clone as a serial, which is instructive if you want to improve your Portuguese language skills. I myself will try to follow the series that runs on Thursdays and Mondays. The action takes place alternately in Morocco and Rio de Janeiro but luckily EVERYONE speaks Portuguese. It is common for Brazilian TV series to take place in some exotic country where everyone speaks Portuguese, but they usually end up in Brazil when the production money has run out.

This much I have understood after the first episode I watched and from what my wife has told me. It is very likely that I misunderstood large parts of the plot, but it goes something like this:

The series takes place in two parts. The first is when they are young and the second takes place several years later when the characters are older.

Lukas and Diogo are brothers. Lukas is romantic and loves the romantic and exotic Jade who comes from Morocco. She is the WOMAN all men want. But they don't get each other. Jade who comes from a Muslim religious family has to marry another even though she loves Lukas. Luka's love is reciprocated and Jade loves him despite being married off. The man she is forced to marry marries a second wife to provoke Jade. Lukas remarries and has a child.

Diogo is a casanova and he has a night with Yvette that Yvette would never forget. But Diogo dies in a helicopter crash. Diogo's godfather, the scientist Albieri, is shaken by his death, and decides to clone him and the clone of Diogo is named Leo, leolito=little lion.

Second part 20 years later – everyone has grown older
When the clone Leo and his godfather travel to Morocco, he meets Jade and falls head over heels for her, just like what happened to Lucas 20 years earlier.

Jade's relatives ride camels around Morocco, meditate and worship Allah, and raise their children to have four wives. Jade's mother, on the other hand, owns a pub in Rio where everyone comes to dance the samba. Albieri walks around with braces. Lukas's children start using cocaine together with some friends. The clone meets Yvette who is now many years older than him and he is introduced as Ed.

Yvette understands nothing but dreams of the night that changed her life and that she wants to take Leo on the flight to Rio and she is shocked to see a copy of her love. And all of a sudden they start dancing samba and alternate between Rio and Morocco. And she takes Leo back to Rio without Albieri knowing. He searches for him in a labyrinth in Morocco. Yvette wants to show him off to his mother and put her up against the wall.

I counted the number of characters on the series' wikipedia at 67 and that reminds me that Brazilians are like cornflakes - they kind of hang together. In each scene a new person enters and each person has a mother and a child so it's not entirely easy to follow the characters.

What's great about Brazilian TV soap operas is that they ALWAYS end happily in the last episode. No hard work here. Lots of jealousy, always pieces of music that show what kind of character it is and exaggerated body language.

I'm looking forward to the next episode and as a bonus, Juliana Paes appears in some scenes - one of the most beautiful actresses in the world.

The cliff hangers were:

  • Mel has left university
  • The clone wants to meet his father
  • The clone told Yvette that his name was Leo


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