MOOCs – Online courses that are free from top universities

I read in the Brazilian economist newspaper Valoronline about tips on how to invest in yourself. The paper covered various educations in Brazil but there was also how you can read courses online from the best American top universities which can be an alternative to listening to Ted lectures. Silicon Valley is also shelling out millions for this kind of project and a system called Coursera.

Free courses from top universities are called MOOCs (Mactive Open Online Courses) which translated into Swedish means "Large open online courses". The number of courses is growing steadily and is becoming a threat to the traditional universities that cannot compete with good online courses. Organizations such as the IMF have also announced that they will publish more courses online.

MOC is a type of distance learning that is offered online and is available to a large group of participants worldwide. These courses are usually free or available at a low cost and are offered by various educational institutions, such as universities or organizations. MOC aims to provide an interactive and flexible learning experience by combining video lectures, tutorials, interactive exercises and online discussion forums. MOC has become popular in recent years and offers learning opportunities in various subjects and disciplines for people who cannot participate in traditional classroom courses.

MOOCs are open to anyone and can be taken from any location with an internet connection. MOOCs offer a wide variety of subjects and are often free to attend, but there may be some costs for certificates or other course-related materials. MOOCs are a great way to learn new skills or immerse yourself in a subject without having to go away or pay for a traditional education. Most MOOCs use a combination of videos, readings, exercises, and other interactive tools to help students learn. MOOCs are offered by many different organizations, including universities, companies and educational platforms.


Here are the links to international online courses

  • Coursera: Collaboration from Princeton, Stanford, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania: Has teaching and testing
  • Harvard: Open Learning Initiative, free courses in everything from Greek civilization to abstract algebra.
  • Berkeley: from the famous University of California that has videos and audio files from 20 different departments to download with titles like "Search, Google and Life".
  • Yale: Open Yale Courses: Videos of a selection of introductory courses, e.g economics and national economics and game theory.
  • WITH: MITOPENCOURSEWARE: Technology and computer courses from the famous Boston University and they have courses in several different categories mostly in the field of technology but also courses in mathematics and gender studies.
  • Stanford: ITunes seems this university to bet on and you can download audio and video files.
  • Caltech: California Institute of Technology
    Introductory course in machine learning:
  • UCLA: University of Los Angeles which has a video channel on Youtube in various subjects.
  • NYU: Open Education Pilot Program
  • Google Code University: Google's education in programming languages such as Java and HTML5.
  • Udemy has courses in everything possible and a nice interface!

By the way, a year of education at Stanford costs $230,000.

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