Russian propaganda and the Russian post-liberal world order


The Russian post-liberal world order

The major themes of Russian propaganda are that the liberal world order of the West is bankrupt and should be replaced by a Eurasian neo-conservative world order. The Russian post-liberal world order defends tradition, conservative values and true freedom.

The West demonizes Russia, which is only trying to defend its interests and sovereignty and act as an indispensable nation in world politics. The United States is determined to disrupt and overthrow sovereign governments around the world.

Source: Russia Military Power Report 2017 from the Defense Intelligence Agency

Report from Interpreter (pdf) about The Menace of Unreality:
How the Kremlin Weaponizes Information, Culture and Money

Since the Russian attack on Ukraine, Russian propaganda has become increasingly twisted and is about their opponents being Nazis and Satanists. What is sad is that it seems to work with propagandists like Margarita Simonyan and Vladimir Solovyov. Russian Media Monitor is a YouTube channel that shows the Russian propaganda and translates it into English.

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