The Greeks are buying more military equipment….

Greece is the country in Europe that has the second highest share of military expenditure in relation to GDP. Military spending stands at a staggering 4.3% of GDP.

According to the echo is Greece is one of the German defense industry's largest customers and according to Sipri, discussions are underway on a deal of over 400 armored vehicles from Germany.

But it has previously been reported that the Greeks have succeeded in the feat M1A1 to buy 400 American semi-scrapped tanks in the midst of state bankruptcy. The reason for the high military costs of the Greeks is that they are afraid of Turkey. The Greeks once belonged to the Ottoman Empire so one can have some understanding of their fear. Turkey is a large country that has 73 million inhabitants within the country's borders - there are in addition to these 65-73 million people outside the country's borders who speak Turkish as their mother tongue. The Turks are also in NATO and have had strong economic development - it is not difficult to understand that the Greeks are concerned.


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