Ingenious graffiti and outdoor art

There is quite a lot of good graffiti in Stockholm. Here are some of my favorites that you shouldn't miss.

image (3)
This mysterious painting was found at the lock in Stockholm.

bob dylan

Ok this one is not from Stockholm but it is genius and just has to be shown. I took the picture in Brussels depicting the icon Bob Dylan outside a record store - note check the text in the cigarette smoke "The answer my friend is blowing in the wind..."


At the Valla Torg subway entrance in Årsta, I find this graffiti "the ideal citizen" signed by Mogul. The message to all commuters and law-abiding citizens on their way to their jobs from the suburbs is: "Go directly to work do not pass go". Unfortunately, SL has been there and removed the painting, which you might think is criminal. At least I want to have quality paintings in my environment and avoid seeing the suburban concrete.

Mogul has tons of high quality street art in Stockholm that elevates the subway. SL should hire him instead of graffiti cleaners. Check out the website!

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