The F-35 plan funding corresponds to SEK 91,000,000,000...

The F-35 plan allocation is SEK 91,000,000,000 per year until 2035,
independent of the defense budget. If we in Sweden were to invest the same amount of money on, for example, the JAS project, it would correspond to an incredible 232,553 kroner per Swede (10,111 kroner for each resident/year).

How is this connected? Yes, if you have your own banknote press, it is not so difficult to spend this money - after all, other countries will have to pay indirectly. The advantages for the Americans are that the money goes back to the country because the order is hardly placed outside the country. What one might think is a shame is that the money is not spent on better projects, for example medical technology and environmental technology.

Dollar exchange rate: SEK 7
Grant: $ 13,000,000,000
Source: Online Defense and Acquisition Journal

F-35 by the numbers

Congress' watchdog drops another report packed with the latest stats about the F-35.

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