The Melodifestivalen and the friend vote


Finally, there has been a scientific study about the friend voting in the melody festival in Europe during the years 2009-2012. The researchers have measured the so-called "the friend-or-foe coefficient."” where the researchers used a normal distribution curve to measure the friendship between different countries on a scale from -1 to 1. Each node represents a country. Blue edges represent positive ties of friendship between the countries and the red lines show if there are negative currents towards the country.

The study shows that the political and economic climate in the EU probably affects the perception of different countries and how societies relate to each other. In the picture below, which shows the year that Sweden won with Loreen, there were, for example, negative flows towards Sweden from countries with large budget deficits such as Greece, Italy and Portugal. At the same time, many countries, not least Portugal, Ireland and Denmark, were positive about Germany – Europe's growth engine.

Download thesis here.

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