How many times has Russia threatened Sweden with nuclear weapons?

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Russian propagandists discuss the possibility of a war between NATO and Russia in the Baltic Sea in November 2023. They threaten to mine the seabed and trigger a nuclear explosion underwater that would create a wave sweeping away Stockholm. In the video, they threaten Stockholm and Tallinn, but curiously not the new NATO member Finland and Helsinki. About 90% of the world's nuclear warheads are held by Russia and the USA, which are still the world's largest nuclear powers.

Russia has 5,977 nuclear warheads, while the USA has 5,428 warheads. China has 350, France has 290, and the United Kingdom has 225, according to the Federation of American Scientists.

Threats of nuclear weapons surrounding Ukraine's offensive

The use of nuclear weapons is certainly theoretically possible. For Russia, this is possible if a threat is created to our territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty, the existence of the Russian state.

Putin June 16 2023, St. Petersburg Forum

The simulation of nuclear attack on Russian TV

The threat against Western states in April 2022 was about getting Western countries to limit their aid to Ukraine. Putin tried to scare the West into reducing its support for Ukraine by implying that he would use a tactical nuclear weapon to defend the annexed territories in Ukraine. A Russian TV channel broadcast a frightening simulation showing how it could destroy Europe with nuclear weapons in just 200 seconds. This is not the first time Russian TV has threatened Western nations with nuclear attacks, in a desperate attempt to deter them from continuing to help Ukraine.

The threat in connection with the NATO membership

IN February 2022, the Russians said that Sweden and Finland will face 'serious military and political consequences' if they become members of the NATO defense alliance.

Threats to the West

The threat of nuclear weapons began before the war in Ukraine. In April 2021, Russian military expert Mikhail suggested Khodaryonok to carry out a limited nuclear strike in neutral seas as a warning shot to the West.

Russia practiced nuclear attack on Sweden in 2013

Russia simulated a nuclear attack on Sweden. near Gotska Sandön during Easter 2013.

What is the risk of a nuclear attack?

Tactical nuclear weapons, simply a nuclear charge used on the battlefield, usually have much less explosive power than the massive strategic nuclear warheads that Russia and the USA target against each other's major cities.

Assessing the probability of such a course of events requires careful analysis of political, military, and international relations.

International law The use of nuclear weapons would be an extreme measure, violating international law and would lead to widespread international condemnation and potential responses. On the other hand, they have broken several rules in the war in Ukraine.

Political risks Such action would involve significant political and diplomatic risks for Russia, including possible countermeasures from other nations.

Military Strategy: Mines in the Baltic Sea would affect not only Sweden and Estonia but also other countries around the Baltic Sea, including Russia itself and especially St Petersburg and Kalliningrad. The Baltic Sea is an important trade route for Russia. Disturbances in this region could adversely affect the trade and economy of these cities.

International relations: Such action would drastically change Russia's relations with the world community.

Is a tsunami likely in Stockholm?

Theoretically, a large underwater explosion, such as a nuclear explosion, could create a powerful wave. But it would take an extremely large explosion to generate a wave the size of a tsunami, and even then the effects would vary depending on several factors such as distance, depth and terrain.

Stockholm's archipelago offers some protection against larger waves from the open sea. The archipelago's islands and underwater landscape can dampen the effect of waves before they reach the interior of the archipelago and Stockholm. In conclusion, while it is not impossible, the probability of a tsunami-like event in Stockholm, given the city's geographical and geological conditions, is quite low.

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