Bono, Confucius and file sharing

It can be called information sharing illegal file download when people really want to get more information and spread information. Why talk about illegal file downloading at all when it comes to intangible things?

I think it was Confucius (or some other Chinese thinker) who said something like the following about file sharing. "Suppose I have an egg and you have an egg and we trade eggs with each other. How many eggs do we have?
Instead, suppose you know a song and you play it for me and I know a song that I play for you. How many songs do we have?

Personally, I will NEVER buy a product from a musician who is against file sharing and some of those who are against file sharing I would prefer to be paid for polluting the public space with their sound smear.

Last Christmas I thought about having a book bonfire with all the sneaky authors but instead I gave away all the books by people I knew were against file sharing. On the inside of the books I wrote that the author was against file sharing and asked the person I gave the Christmas present to forward the book when he had finished reading the book.

Unfortunately, Guillou, Dick Harrissson and Bono in U2 belong to that group of people. In the past, I've bought pretty much all of these and held them in high esteem for their brilliance (despite the fact that grandpa usually scornfully mocks us Guillou readers and dismisses him as Biggles for Adults).

Don't they understand that we would have continued to buy their products if they hadn't come out with their reactionary and anti-technology statements. Where did their ideals go?

Bono's stance made me remember this great video with Ricky Gervais.

Although it is clear that if Morrisey sided with the file sharing opponents, I would probably have to reconsider my thoughts on the matter.

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