The Russian gold reserve and the currency war

The Russian gold reserve is commented by Putin.

MatryoshkasPutin philosophized about Russia's economy and various currencies in Moscow Times and speculates whether the country should use its gold reserves in the Chinese currency Yuan – a currency that will increase in importance according to many economic analysts.

"A big US businessman said that we're still the largest economy in the world, but China will win the palm," said Putin. "Should we keep our gold reserves in yuan, if China has them in dollars? An interesting situation, looks like a matryoshka,”


Picture of Matryoshka: The little doll has shaped the people's soul in the East. I myself came to mind when I visited Riga in Latvia in 1976. The only toy in the toy shop was a red flute and some Matryoshkas. The symbolism that there are other things hiding when you open a shell, but that everything is still connected - matches the currencies and gold reserves of different countries quite well. Read more about the BRIC countries that buy gold.

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