Reputation about the death of Putin?

Is putin dead

Appearance of Putin

The latest appearance of Putin where he spoke in metaphors about Peter the Great and sits very far from the audience but where some have started to wonder if it is the real Putin.

Rumors of Putin's death

According to the retired KGB general  Valery Solovyov Telegram channel Putin died in his Valdai residence on October 26 of this year 2023 after a long-term cancer. Solovei is known for his political forecasts. Some of Solovyov's predictions about changes in the Russian leadership have proven correct. Solovei's claim, which would ordinarily lead to arrest in Russia, has not been harassed by intelligence services, and Solovei himself has said it is because he has good connections in Russian intelligence - who are the ones who told him Putin is dead.

The media have regularly reported on Putin's serious illnesses and "buried" him periodically. In recent years there have been reports of back problems, spots on his face, headaches and numbness in his tongue.

Anna-Lena Lauren, who is a foreign correspondent in Ukraine and Russia, talks in her winter talk about why conspiracy theories like Putin is dead are spreading in Russia. Source:

Putin is believed to have at least 2 doppelgangers

Japanese researchers have already concluded that Putin uses at least two doppelgangers. Japanese experts, through facial recognition and voice recognition, have come to the conclusion that the theory of Vladimir Putin's doppelgänger, who replaces him at public events.

One of the doppelgangers was identified as the "real" Putin, who attended the parade on Red Square in May 2023. After comparing the facial features of this Putin with the one who drove over the Crimean Bridge in a Mercedes car in December 2022, the Japanese experts found only 53% similarity . Even less similarity, only 40%, was found between "parade Putin" and the president who visited Mariupol in March 2023. According to Japanese researchers, the similarity between Putin's facial features in Mariupol and Putin on the Crimean bridge was only 18%. Their analysis based on artificial intelligence "clearly indicates" the likelihood of at least two Putin doubles.

At the same time, it cannot be ruled out that he has plastic surgery and uses botox, which can make facial analysis difficult.

Body double

According to some hypotheses, the role of dictator is played by his double and power in the country is held by a group led by Patrushev.  There are also several articles written about his doubles.

Patrushev's strange funeral speech

Patrushev appears more and more often on Russian propaganda TV and is active and seems to be taking power in Russia. Patrushev's obituary dedicated to Putin is no longer even a hint of what is happening in the country. It is a way of telling the second and third level elite who is boss in the country. Meanwhile, major changes are being prepared in the Russian government according to the Twitter account The General Svr.

Patrushev has given an obituary ie a funeral speech about Putin. The secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev, spoke for the propaganda company Znanie. His speech was dedicated to Vladimir Putin, who was only referred to in the past tense, reports. 
Patrushev is a powerful Kremlinsider, spymaster, and it has been rumored for years that he (or his son, Dimitri) would one day replace Putin.

Patrushev appeared at the event in mourning clothes: not only his suit, but also his shirt was black. In his speech, he spoke of Putin exclusively in the past tense, listing the dictator's various virtues, leadership and achievements.

“Tired of the violent 1990s, society was waiting for solutions to socio-economic problems, to strengthen national security. A leader was needed who could put the welfare of the people at the center of the agenda. ….. Putin became such a leader… He had a detailed knowledge of the situation in the country, a clear program of action, a vision of the goal… At the same time, he understood the importance of an evolutionary approach, as opposed to revolutionary leaps that always weaken the Russian state. He believed in people,” Patrushev continued.

Patrushev, is considered a hawk and has often been mentioned as a potential successor to Putin. Speaking at the Znanie educational exposition in Moscow, he claimed that Russia has surpassed other nations in nuclear weapons competence. Threats have also been made against nuclear attacks on Stockholm and Tallinn after Putin's eventual death.

Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov is Patrushev's enemy. Recently, Kadyrov's 15-year-old son was publicly presented in a way that suggests he is his father's heir. Kadyrov's last public appearance was on September 9, and his current whereabouts are unclear.

Patrushev has also actively discussed the possibility of blocking YouTube and several messengers. Patrushev ordered to investigate the technical possibilities of blocking these services and to submit a report by December 1. Source

Comments from the Russia connoisseurs

Professor Valery Solovey himself reacted to Patrushev's speech. “If this is not an obituary, what is?” - he wrote on Telegram.

The Swedish Russian expert Anders Åslund also writes on Twitter: The most remarkable event in Russian domestic politics for quite some time was Nikolai Patrushev's hagiographic speech about Putin in past tense & dressed in black, as if Putin is already dead. Can anybody enlighten us on what this means?


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